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Have you ever thought of other alternatives to candy for the neighborhood children knocking on your door at Haloween?  Just browse the aisles of the local stores and you will find many alternatives applealing to the young ones.  The local stores carry a selection of Halloween rings, pencils, small containers of play doh and other toys which would appeal to children.  Much better for their health and teeth!

Do you have flex benefits through your employer??  You may be eligible to use them for dental services at our dental office located in Riverside RI.  It's almost the end of the calendar year and you may still have some remaining benefits left.  For more information, please contact John J Darby at Riverside, RI Dentist .

Haven't had much time for yourself this summer??  Now that fall is here is the perfect time to schedule a dental appointment with John J Darby DDS in his Riverside RI dental office.  To learn more about the dental services offered, visit Riverside, RI Dentist .

Have you ever put off going to the dentist because you were afraid or anxious?  Dr. John Darby is a dentist in the Riverside area of East Providence RI who believes in gentle dentistry for everyone. Check out our new website Riverside, RI Dentist and find out more about us!

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