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November 27, 2012
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Patients sometime wonder why they may have a cavity when they don't eat candy.  Many other foods beside candy and dessert contain large amounts of sugar.  Such foods include jams and jellies, sweet potatoes made with brown sugar as well as beverages such as Gatorade.  If you do decide to enjoy a sweet treat, try to brush as soon as possible after the meal. For more information, please visit Nutrition and Your Teeth.

The holidays will soon be here and so many of us want to look our best with a great white smile.  Have you ever thought of whitening your teeth using a professional strength teeth whitening?  Our dental office offers both the Tres White prefilled trays as well as custom whitening trays.  Contact Riverside, RI Dentist for more details!

November 13, 2012
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Did you set your clocks back an hour this weekend?  Perhaps you can use the time change to help you remeber to change your toothbrush as well as the battery in your smoke detectors.  After using the same toothbrush every day, the toothbrush bristles may become flattenned and may not be able to provide as effective as possible cleaning of your teeth.  Any germs you may have may continue to remain on the toothbrush as well.  For more information on how to provide care for your teeth, please visit our dental office website and specifically brushing.

Do you have dental benefits and need to have a dental cleaning or other dental work completed?  Many dental benefit plans have benefits available on a calendar year basis and do not carry over to the next year. Or perhaps you have a plan that has an annual deductible.  There's still some time to have that dental sevices completed at Dr. John J Darby's office before the end of 2012.  Call now to schedule an appointment.

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