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If you are thinking about your favorite color of your teeth, you would reply white. But if you were to say what your favorite color of toothbrush is, many people might reply blue.  According to several manufacturers, the most popular selling toothbrush color is blue. Find out more about the whitening options available in our office.

Are you looking for some ideas that make children smile? Then toothbrushes that play a 2 minute tune might be a perfect choice.  Two minutes is the recommended amount of time for brushing.

Have you had a cold or sore throat lately that just seems to linger??  How does that relate to your dental health?  You may want to think about changing your toothbrush to a new one.  That toothbrush that you've been using every day to maintain your dental health could be a place where those cold germs are lingering.  Moist surfaces are sites where those bacteria will continue to live.  So,the next ime you're out, choose  a new toothbrush (or head of an electric brush) and discard that one you have been using.

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