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When the temperatures in the summer start to rise, many people look for ways to deal with the heat.  Cooling off at the pool or beach, enjoying air conditioning or some cold treats are some choices.  Even though they may be refreshing, some summer treats may not be the best choice for your teeth.  Many sodas contain large amounts of sugar, which do not contain any nutritional value as well as acid.  Many of the acids found in soda could cause damage to the emanel of your teeth. For more information about your dental health, please visit Nutrition and Your Teeth.

June 05, 2013
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Did you know that June is National Smile Month?  You can use it as an excuse to show everyone what a great smile you have.  If you are not quite satisfied with that smile, we can help!  Just give Dr John Darby ( Riverside, RI Dentist) a call to schedule an appointment.

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