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May 25, 2017
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Are you ready to learn more about this dental restoration and its many benefits?dental crowns

There are so many different dental restorations from which to choose that you may have started to mix them up a little bit. While there are a lot of options out there, there are still some tried-and-true restorations that will always be necessary. A dental crown is just one of these classic restorations that our East Providence, RI, family dentist at Advanced Dentistry of Rhode Island, Dr. Ryan Lee, offer his patients. Learn more about dental crowns and why they are necessary.

A dental crown is a great option for anyone who has a damaged tooth. If your tooth has fallen victim to an infection, trauma or even severe decay, then the tooth may not be as strong as it once was. In this case, our East Providence general dentist will be worried that without a restoration to protect it that the tooth could become worse. In order to protect and stabilize the tooth, our dentists will recommend placing a dental crown over the tooth.

Of course, if your tooth is healthy but isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, we may also recommend a dental crown. Crowns are custom-made to not just perfectly fit over your tooth but also to improve its appearance, as well. If you have a tooth that is badly misshapen or severely discolored, whether from past trauma or other issues, and other cosmetic options still won’t give you the revamped tooth you want then a dental crown may be the ideal way to go.

Before you get a dental crown, we will need to prepare the tooth for the restoration. What happens before getting your crown will really depend on the condition and health of your tooth. Any decay or infection will need to be treated right away before you get your crown. Decay will be removed, infections will be treated through a root canal and the tooth will be prepared. From there, impressions also need to be taken of the prepared tooth. This ensures that the dental lab creates a restoration with the perfect fit every time.

Of course, a prepped tooth shouldn’t stand on its own while you wait for your dental crown. In the meantime, we will place a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it while your permanent crown is being crafted. Once the crown is complete, we will remove the temporary once and then place the new one over the tooth to check the fit. If everything looks great, then it’s time to cement the crown right into place.

Whether you have questions about getting dental crowns or you want to find out if they can improve your oral health, turn to Advanced Dentistry of Rhode Island in East Providence, RI, to answer your questions, calm your concerns and provide you with the proper care your smile needs to stay healthy.


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